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I created Trump news websites because I could see how he has fooled the American people into his ?Its not right whatever it its. He is a very bad person and I have seen nothing but lies and deceit coming out of his mouth. I know a lot of people that believe in trump think that its because I don’t watch fox news but all you real have to do is listen to what comes out of his mouth no news and you should see what I am talking about. I mad  a Christian website that explains that a little bit you can visit Christians Center to read what I am talking about in a little more detail. I have also created several Trump News sites. People need to understand that Trump is here to Destroy America not help it.  And we all need to be a little more open to understand this. And don’t make your desi sons by any news source make your decisions by the horses mouth! That’s the only true news you will ever get.

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    Donald Trump is an American business magnate and celebrity who served as the president of the United States. He is a symptom of what could be termed a pathology – one characterized by an abnormal mental condition that manifests in the form…
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    Pathological Lying – What Are the Possible Causes? Donald Trump Pathological lying is one of the many forms of interpersonal communication problems. Everyone makes mistakes; everyone is prone to fibs. However, some people cannot stop and tell the truth no matter what.…
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      PBS NewsHour SUBSCRIBE One of the consequences of the chaos of the U.S. Capitol is a distancing of banks and other business from former President Trump. He now faces a delicate and difficult situation with his businesses, debt and taxes. Paul…

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